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Motorcycle Service & Repair

At Vennard’s Service Center, we offer a variety of services you need to keep your bike running at peak performance. Backed by years of experience, our highly trained and dedicated technicians are ready to fix your problems and get your motorcycle back on the road. We work on most brands of street bikes. We’re dedicated to service professionalism and personal attention seldom found in large shops!

At Vennard’s we deliver service professionalism and personal attention that’s hard to find these days…Old school. Whether you’re a heavy cruiser in need of a little extra torque or you just want to pass your buddy on the long run down the highway look to us to keep your cycle on the road and running great!  

Motorcycle Repairs
Tires, Brakes, Batteries, Oil and Filter, N.Y.S. Inspection, and Tune-up

Here are the Top 5 most common Motorcycle Repairs:

Flat or dead battery: Motorcycle batteries tend to go flat or die very quickly when the bike is not used often at least five hours or 25 miles per week.

Worn tires: Just as with cars, motorcycle tires suffer a tremendous amount of wear and tear and must be inspected and changed regularly. Flat tires, low pressure, and worn treads can all be attended to.

Fuel contamination: The fuel in motorcycles can become contaminated or grow stale if it sits in the tank for extended periods, such as in a bike that gets put into storage for the winter. In extreme cases, the bad fuel can then go on to clog the fuel system.

Clutch problems: Motorcycle clutches are vulnerable to a few different problems. First, the clutch lever can bend or break if the rider drops the bike or is involved in an accident. Second, the clutch cable can become frayed, worn, or broken, thereby rendering the lever completely inoperable. And third, the clutch might get burned out by an inexperienced rider and need to be replaced.

Failure to follow the maintenance schedule: Like all vehicles, motorcycles run best when regularly maintained. This includes oil and tire changes, brake inspection, chain lubrication, and other checks as outlined by the manufacturer in the owners’ manual.

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